Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, there are numerous business opportunities that might provide you with a substantial profit. Bangladesh is predominantly an agricultural country, thus agro-based business ideas will be quite appealing to you.

In Bangladesh, the future appears to be brighter for company ideas. Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate is expected to reach 7% in 2020, according to the World Economic Forum.

In addition, the country’s service industry is expanding. As a result, Bangladesh offers a diverse range of commercial prospects.

The following post contains 40 profitable small business ideas in Bangladesh.

Here is a list of Bangladesh’s most profitable and low-cost firms with a lot of profit potential:

01. Fast food shop

Bangladeshis have a strong appetite for food. Their cuisine is diverse as well. Fast food is in high demand in Bangladesh’s urban centers, particularly in Dhaka and Chittagong.
As a result, opening a fast-food restaurant in Bangladesh might be a rewarding venture. Whether you’re in the office district or a prominent residential neighborhood, your store must be strategically located. You will not be able to stop anyone from flourishing in this sector if you keep your fast food quality high.

02. Start a blog

Bangladesh has a number of successful bloggers. Starting a blog is the greatest idea for you if you have experience writing in English or Bengali. You may make a decent living from home as a blogger. Learn how to start a blog and generate money in this article.

03. Small jobs online

There are numerous online employment options that may be used to supplement your income by working part-time using a computer and internet connection. This may be a tiny task on Fiverr or Upwork or something else entirely.

04. Dropshipping

Bangladesh’s dropshipping industry is slowly gaining traction. The advantage of this business is that you may sell a product through the internet. Start a dropshipping business on AliExpress or other foreign e-commerce platforms! You can buy wholesale products from them and sell them in Bangladesh if you desire.

05. Start a salon business

In Bangladesh, the salon sector is one of the fastest-growing. With this company concept, you may attract customers of all ages. Previously, it was only available to the wealthy upper crust, but now men and women from all walks of life visit salons for haircuts and cosmetic upgrades. Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Consider opening a salon in Bangladesh if you have experience in the beauty and healthcare industries. In Dhaka, there are numerous saloons. Starting a business in a city like Sylhet, Chittagong, or Cox’s Bazar can be a good idea. Make an effort to be one-of-a-kind in your job and to employ high-quality products.

06. Coffee shop

In recent years, the demand for coffee as a hot beverage during official meetings or leisure time has skyrocketed in Bangladesh. Coffee shops are also popular among young people as hangout spots.
The impact of globalization on the youth in Bangladesh has resulted in a significantly increased demand for coffee.

You can start a coffee shop business in Bangladesh based on this trend. Choose a nice location for your coffee shops, such as near an office or park, a retail mall, or a college or university.

07. Cosmetics store

Bangladesh’s cosmetics sector is rapidly expanding. One or more types of cosmetics are frequently used by urban girls. This is a significant demand in a country like Bangladesh with such a large population.
You can see how important a cosmetic shop is as a business idea in Bangladesh now.
Both foreign and locally created cosmetics are available for sale. Imported goods are unquestionably costly. You can also go to an online cosmetics store, where you can buy various kinds of cosmetics.

08. Start a garments business

Bangladesh is one of the world’s top clothing exporters. Both readymade garments and the garment industry make significant contributions to the country’s economy. As a result, the garments industry is quite profitable and has the potential to be very profitable in Bangladesh. Before starting a business, it would be beneficial to receive instruction in clothing and its commercial aspects.Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh

You can trade garment raw materials and accessories such as needles, buttons, pins, zips, and other items necessary to produce clothing in addition to a clothing business. This is a business that can also be done online.

09. Furniture Store

Bangladeshis adore furniture, particularly wooden furniture. Manufacturers are looking for furnished houses or apartments for sale these days.

As a result, furniture manufacturing or selling can be a profitable company in Bangladesh. It’s fantastic if you can construct your own furniture. If you can’t, you’ll need to have prior experience with high-quality furniture. Quality and design should not be compromised. Increase your store’s visibility. Furniture can also be sold online.

10. Professional Services (Training & Counseling)

Bangladesh has a large number of professional service facilities. As a result of recent corporate scandals, demand for this specialty has skyrocketed.
As a result, if you are properly qualified, you can consider this business opportunity in Bangladesh. Financial guidance, HR advice, training, audit services, risk management, engineering services, and other services are available. Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh
Aside from that, you can begin your computer, IT, and tax training, among other things. However, a training center is required for the training portion.

11. Virtual trade

Virtual trade is growing increasingly popular in Bangladesh as the Internet becomes more widely used. This is a profitable business concept in Bangladesh if you have a decent network and some trustworthy people on your team.

You can buy in locations where output is high and prices are low and sell in areas where production is high and prices are high. This trading can be done using rice, corn, beef, and meat, among other things. This is a business that you may run from the comfort of your own home.

12. Photography

The enormous population of Bangladesh needs a wide range of photographs, from school or college applications to family portraits, corporate events to weddings.

Photographers for weddings are in high demand. This is a wonderful business concept in Bangladesh if you are a decent photographer. You may use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote your photographs and services. Remember to use your imagination and appropriately market yourself. Your USPO should be highlighted.

13. Security agencies

In Bangladesh, security services are required in large and small offices, housing complexes, and other key locations. Furthermore, there is a demand for personal security guards due to a range of issues. Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh
As a result, establishing a security agency service in Bangladesh is a viable business venture. You must prepare your security personnel to deal with a variety of scenarios. If you live in a city, start with your immediate surroundings. It will aid in the propagation of word-of-mouth. You must also advertise in newspapers, radio, television, and fliers, among other places.

14. Tourism business in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a lovely country with mountains, beaches, forests, and archeological sites. The Sundarbans mangrove forest, the ruins of a Buddhist monastery at Paharpur, and the ancient mosque of Paharpur town are all world heritage sites in Bangladesh.

As a result, tourism is a profitable business in Bangladesh. You can provide travelers with a personalized or managed tour package that includes hotel reservations, rail or flight tickets, and other services.

15. Student advice

The number of people with degrees in Bangladesh is increasing, but the standards are not up to par. As a result, they are underutilized on a national and international scale.

If you have the necessary skills and education, you can consider this business opportunity, which is desperately required in Bangladesh. You may launch a career counseling service, which is desperately needed in order to prepare future generations.

16. Electronic product store

The need for electrical and electronic items has expanded globally as technology has advanced. Bangladesh is no different.
As a result, electronics stores could be a profitable business in Bangladesh. Televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and washing machines, as well as PCs, laptops, and tablets, are all available for sale. You can go to a reputable pricey company’s dealership. It’s critical to choose a decent location for your store if you want to be successful.

17. E-commerce

Bangladesh’s e-commerce industry has exploded. E-commerce has become a viable business opportunity in Bangladesh as more individuals have access to the Internet.
Ecommerce is one of Bangladesh’s most potential business concepts. To sell your stuff, you can use e-commerce. E-commerce allows you to buy and sell a wide range of things. E-commerce allows you to export and import numerous commodities as well as make and receive payments. However, you must be highly familiar with the platform.

18. YouTube channel

You can start your own YouTube channel to advertise your video or goods. Many Bangladeshi bloggers have a large following on YouTube. Check out this article if you want to be a successful youtube.

19. Social media manager

You can also work as a social media manager in Bangladesh’s social media revolution, which is in high demand right now. This is something you can do at home.

20. Courier service

Despite the rise in internet communication, some documents and other items are still delivered by courier service for quick and easy delivery.
In Bangladesh, too, there is a high need for courier services. As a result, you can begin your courier service business right now. This business has a lot of requirements. You simply need to be more selective in the assistance you provide to others. However, it is a fantastic business concept.

21. Bookstore (also online)

Bangladeshis are voracious readers. They prefer books above anything else and purchase them on a regular basis. This is why a bookstore can be considered a viable company in Bangladesh.

There are textbooks and textbooks that you can offer for a nice profit in your store. For the advantage of readers, you can also sell books online. If you have the technical skills, you can create an app and provide customers with an alternative ebook while still earning money from advertising.

22. Mobile and mobile parts

With the growing use of smartphones and mobile phones in Bangladesh, the demand for mobile phone retailers has increased dramatically. As a result, you can open a mobile phone business in Bangladesh.

You can promote your store on the internet. Keep mobile devices like chargers, earbuds, back covers, and other accessories in your business to add value, as well as a different source of money for mobile repairs. Your profits will increase as your consumer base expands.

23. Sales of used products

Bangladesh, like the rest of the world, has a high demand for this service. Electronics, furnishings, and other items may be included in the product line.
You can purchase things at a lesser cost, fix them, and resell them if necessary. You may have a website where you may sell these items, or you may be able to advertise for free on various Bangladeshi websites and sell through their platform.

24. Super shop

The supermarket serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your grocery and daily needs. The expanding middle class in metropolitan Bangladesh, along with their lack of time, has created a strong demand for such stores.
As a result, it has become a lucrative business opportunity in Bangladesh. In this industry, space is a major concern. Ideal location for a premium residential neighborhood. You must ensure that the store’s products are of high quality. Radio, television, pamphlets, and other media can all be used to promote your store. Top 40 Profitable Business Ideas in Bangladesh

25. Toy store

Prior to 2010, the toy business in Bangladesh was heavily reliant on imported toys, primarily from China. However, the local toy industries have grown to be fairly considerable and now account for a significant portion of the market.

It’s a business that you can benefit from comfortably. However, you must select a nice location where parents can afford to purchase toys for their children. Make your store appealing and publicize it in a variety of ways.

26. Coaching and spoken English classes

In Bangladesh, there is a strong demand for good student guidance. So, if you have a solid academic degree and great English pronunciation, you can consider coaching and English classes because knowledge always pays off. You can begin at home and progressively rent a room for the coaching center, as well as recruit more teachers if necessary.

27. The business of chicken eggs

Poultry farming is a long-standing industry in Bangladesh. There is still a high demand for it, and it is a profitable financial venture. As a result, in agricultural Bangladesh, this is a good business idea. You’ll need to pick the ideal location, a nice chicken breed, a healthy food, and take the necessary measures. However, good training and knowledge are required before starting a firm.

28. Poultry broilers

Bangladesh, like any other country, has a high need for chicken. For you, this is a very lucrative business. You’ll need a quiet location, high-yielding chickens, food, a proper poultry house, and an appropriate farming approach in this business as well.

29. Fisheries Business

Bangladesh is a country that loves rivers and fish. Almost everybody of water is ideal for fish aquaculture. This is a good business concept if you want to make extra money. You must find a location that is not too hilly or prone to flooding. It’s much better if you can design and build a pond specifically for fish farming. Then, based on your region and requirements, choose your fish kind. Take careful care of them and provide them with plenty of food. After you’ve collected the mature fish, sell them at your local market or wherever you choose to make a profit.

30 Duck farming

Duck eggs are in higher demand in Bangladesh than chicken eggs. Its flesh is likewise well-liked. As a result, this is a viable business opportunity for you. Raising ducks is a simple task. A pond or a reservoir is required. Then you must decide on their lineage, food, shelter, and disease control.

The eggs should be cleaned and wrapped thoroughly once they have been laid. Keep in mind that there are distinct duck breeds for meat and egg production. As a result, you must choose your variety based on your business plan.

31. Goat rearing

In Bangladesh, goat meat is quite popular. There’s also goatskin. This is a good business concept if you want to make a lot of money with little effort. Location, breed selection, food, medical services, breeding, and marketing must all be completed at the appropriate times. To avoid disease, you must vaccinate the goat in a timely manner. Goat farming is not difficult in Bangladesh due to its great demand.

32. Vegetable cultivation

Bangladeshis consume a wide variety of veggies throughout the year. As a result, there is a significant demand for various sorts of vegetables. With confidence, you can start your own commercial vegetable farming business.

Because vegetables are perishable, you must ensure that you sell your product before starting your vegetable-growing business. After that, choose a plot and study the soil. Then choose a crop and begin cultivating it with proper care and management. Adequate promotion or advertising is essential.

33. Fruit cultivation

Bangladeshis are eating more fruits as a result of improved knowledge and awareness. The main reason is that it is good for your health. It might inspire you to start this business in Bangladesh. Site selection, selection of appropriate tools and equipment, market study, growing of numerous fruits, and business promotion are the stages you need to take in this enterprise.

34. Bee farming

Bangladesh’s honey is a significant commodity. Increases the profitability of commercial beekeeping as a business model. In addition to wax, there are several marketable products such as beeswax, royal jelly, and pollen.

35. Dairy farming

Milk demand is rising in Bangladesh as the country’s population grows. However, for a variety of reasons, the production is not up to par. This could be your best chance to implement this business idea and earn. You should use caution and seek guidance from specialists such as agronomists, veterinarians, financial planners, and others. After that, you must choose types, set up feeds, appropriately handle waste, and locate a market for your product. Remember that dairy cattle generate more than just milk, calf, and meat; they also create manure, methane, and by-products like leather.

36. Start a bakery business

In Bangladesh, there is a high need for bakery items. Despite the fact that the market is competitive, there is potential to profit from bakery production provided creative planning is implemented.

37. Spice production

Spices are a common food ingredient in Bangladesh, and most people eat them. With a modest investment, you can establish a small-scale spice manufacturing business.

38. Paper plate

In Bangladesh, demand for disposable paper plates has been rising for several years and is likely to continue to rise. To establish a paper plate manufacturing firm, you only need a small amount of money and a small amount of space.

39. Production of hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer sales have skyrocketed in the aftermath of the Kovid outbreak. Making hand sanitizers is currently one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas in Bangladesh if you have the necessary skills and experience.

40. Face Mask Manufacturing

Masks are the same way. Making face masks requires very little expenditure, and there is a significant domestic market for selling them.

Why is Bangladesh an ideal location for launching a new business?

In Bangladesh, you have certain economic and statistical reasons for profitable company ideas. According to, Bangladesh’s predicted inflation rate in 2018 was 5.61 percent higher than the year before. Inflation in Bangladesh is expected to fall to roughly 5.5 percent during the next few years.

Bangladesh is a growing mixed economy with a growing gross domestic product (GDP) and stable economic growth. Bangladesh is a fast-growing emerging economy and eleven countries with so-called Next Eleven member-promising economic development “So, it is quite clear that you can implement your business idea in Bangladesh with confidence. Statistically puts India ahead of other Asian countries. It could tarnish its ‘least developed country status in five years.

The increase in per capita income is also due to a decrease in population growth. The percentage of employed workers living in poverty has fallen.5.5 percent in 2010 to 10% in 2014. 4. This image depicts your bright future in Bangladesh as you pursue your company’s idea. The odds of success and profit appear to be excellent.

What are the profitable industrial sectors to start a profitable business in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the following industries have the potential to be profitable:

  • Production
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Power generation / alternative energy
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Construction / Highway
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transportation / Supply
  • IT and software
  • Manpower supply

How to start a business in Bangladesh as a foreign investor?

Foreigners can start a business in Bangladesh in one of four methods. It goes like this:

  • A private limited business can be trademarked.
  • Trade your company as if it were a branch office.
  • Become a project office by registering your company.
  • Fill out the franchise agreement to register your firm.

We believe that this list of profitable company ideas will assist Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses.

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