Credit Cards: What Customers in Bangladesh Can and Cannot Use


For almost five years, Laila Arjuman Banu, an official at a foreign airline’s Dhaka headquarters, has used credit cards.

He shops with credit cards both online and in stores.

Aside from that, he uses credit cards to purchase international flights and hotel stays.

“I use a credit card since it allows me to pay later even if I don’t have enough money to carry cash,” he told BBC Bangla. “However, the interest rate is significantly higher.”

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card? In Bangladesh, who gives?

Credit cards are now referred to as “plastic money” in the modern world.

It is, in a nutshell, a card that a customer can obtain from a bank or other financial organization.

Its advantage is that you can use it to make purchases even if you don’t have cash on hand.

A customer’s credit card can, however, be used, spent, or withdrawn up to a specified amount of money.

He is required to pay the money within the stated time frame.

The credit limit, or the amount of money that can be spent or withdrawn, is normally determined by the customer’s monthly income.

However, because banks have different policies, the credit limit may not be the same for all of them.

According to the Bangladesh Bank, credit cards were used to transact more than Tk 1,000 crore in June alone.

If a customer wants, he may pay for everything from groceries to home energy bills, internet bills, and even the driver’s income using a credit card,” said Mir Shafiqul Islam, head of NRB Bank’s card division.

What is the approximate number of individuals present?

As can be seen, Bangladesh currently has more than 12 lakh credit card customers.

Credit card customers are expected to hit 3 million in the coming decade, according to banks.

“Credit cards will spread to Bangladesh like any other country in the world in the next decade,” Mr. Islam predicts, citing technological advancements.

Where it should not be utilized

Credit cards cannot be used for online gambling, international transactions, cryptocurrency, lottery ticket purchases, or stock trading in foreign companies, according to the Bangladesh Bank.

As a result, consumers concerned about paying money to foreign organizations, in addition to individuals and companies participating in digital marketing, are concerned.

What can be done about it?

Credit cards can also be utilized for direct purchases or general internet shopping.

Credit card consumers can buy any lifestyle product, movie ticket, restaurant, bus or train ticket through e-commerce at home, according to Shafiqul Islam, head of NRB Bank’s card department.

He further stated that the principle might be paid in zero percent interest installments for periods ranging from three to 24 months.

In this instance, the consumer has the option of paying interest-free for 15 to 45 days.

Customers with credit cards, he noted, can withdraw cash at any moment using card checks.

International credit cards, according to Bangladesh Bank, can be used to buy goods or services online, book hotels, send foreign currency for study abroad, and attend training/seminars / workshops overseas.

Advantages of a credit card include:

  • Transaction was completed quickly (the advantage of purchasing goods at a higher price than the money in hand using the card without borrowing money from others)
  • Points for rewards (especially attractive for air travel, the benefits of credit card transactions)
  • Carrying cash is no longer a risk.
  • Added security (Credit card security is much more secure than conventional debit cards)


  • There’s a chance you’ll end up in debt.
  • Expenses that are hidden or hidden
  • The danger of piling debt on the incorrect credit card.


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