Do I need a passport to make a credit card? Yes, if you have a passport, you can enable your credit card for international transactions and convert a specified portion of your credit limit into foreign currency, so that you can pay in foreign currency when you leave Bangladesh. Moreover, you can do online and international transactions. For example: patching a game/app from Google Play Store, or purchasing products from foreign e-commerce sites or spending on Facebook Boost or Google Ads.

Credit card benefits:

The use of credit cards for financial transactions is increasing day by day. A small credit card is very useful for large purchases. However, many people have a fear of credit cards. They wonder if it will become a cost trap in the end.

Fast transaction:

Suppose you want to buy something very expensive. Can’t earn so much money at once. Can’t borrow from anyone. Credit cards work best in these cases. Through this, you can buy the product and pay for it for several months. The burden of debt does not seem too much. In this case, you have to use your conscience/intellect. You have to pay the price according to the time limit, otherwise, you may have to pay a fine.

Reward points:

Price return points, free travel on the draw, or extra reward points are some of the most tempting aspects of credit cards that can be found when transacting with a credit card. These prize points can be utilized later.

Increasing credit score:

If your transaction history is not a happy one, one of the best ways to increase your credit score is to use your credit card regularly. Regularly paying the house bill with your credit card will use your credit card and you will be able to increase your credit score through this.

More security:

Credit card security is much more secure than fraud, theft, or the same cost more than once. In addition, if a credit card is stolen, you are not responsible for any purchases made with that card.

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