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Best Blog Website In Bangladesh: You can figure out what the topic of today’s post is just by looking at the headline. Today, we’ll present you with a list of Bangladesh’s top 100 blog websites.
Let’s begin by expanding on today’s article-

Note: Because the 100 blogs described in this article were not compared to one another, each site has shifted from one position in the best ranking to another.

Bangla Tech Blog

Techtunes is a well-known site for technology enthusiasts of all kinds. Those of us who are primarily bloggers are familiar with this blog, as it is one of Bangladesh’s most popular and oldest blogging platforms. They’re the first to show how much money they’ve made via Bangla blogging. Small bloggers routinely submit their tunes on Techtunes in order to gain backlinks.


Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh – 1192
  • Worldwide – 106,17

Monthly Unique Visitors to Techuns: 106

Main category:

Blogging, Online Income, Technology, Android, Reviews, Gadgets, Tricks & Tips, and other topics are covered.

PC Builder BD

If you want to buy a PC or a laptop, go to first. The reason for this is that there are thousands of articles on this blog concerning PC laptops. This site has the best content for computer and technology enthusiasts. PCBuilder is a prominent Bangladeshi blog website.Best Blog Website In Bangladesh

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 108
  • Worldwide: 207,590

PCBuilder’s Monthly Unique Visitors: 36,433+

Main categories: PC Building, Gaming, PC Buying Guide, Smartphones, and Components are all topics covered in this article.

Trick BD

This website falls under the genre of Techtunes. Because trainers write a large number of articles on Trikbd every day. Based on Trikbd’s domain authority and Alexa rank in Bangladesh, it is one of the finest blogs. Trainers can earn money by blogging and gaining backlinks on this site.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 246
  • Worldwide: 48,804

Monthly Unique Visitors at TricBD: 65000+

Main categories: Android, Windows, PC, WordPress, Technology Updates, Lifestyle, Education, Taxes, Reviews

Banglatech Despite the fact that this blog is now in the hands of Rahul Da of Upper Bengal, it is a popular blog on the best Bangla blogs list. Based on Google rankings and visits, it is one of the finest blog websites. Those of us who blog know how popular the Banglatech blog is.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 1094
  • Worldwide: 129247

Banglatech receives a large number of unique visitors each month: 63,166

Main category: Online Income, Internet Tips, Computer Blogging, YouTube.

Tech city

Tekshahar is a popular and excellent blog for regular tech enthusiasts. Starting with frequent tech updates, this site delivers news and blogs about the latest tech gazettes on a regular basis.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 1493
  • Worldwide: 198675

Monthly Visitors (Unique Visitors): 63000+

Main categories: Software, games, peace ticks, reviews, etc.

Bangladesh gamer is the most popular gaming blog in Bangladesh. This site publishes gaming-related content on a regular basis. In addition, commercial and free versions of a variety of games are available for download.Best Blog Website In Bangladesh

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 7574
  • Worldwide: 580189

Monthly Visitors (Unique Visitors): 1153

Main categories: Computer games, mobile games, and gaming pieces.

List of Islamic Blogs in Bangla

Q&A about Islam If you are a Muslim, visit, a popular Islamic Bangla blog. Here you will find regular Islamic information. You can also use this forum to ask inquiries about Islam.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 10910
  • Worldwide: 1642995

Islamic Q&A Monthly Unique Visitors: 447+

Main categories:

Islamic perspectives on a variety of topics
Islamic Bangla Blog, Discussion and Q&A on Islam, Hadith, and the Qur’an

Health blog

You should read our health blog on a regular basis to keep yourself and your family healthy. As a result, I’ve listed some of the top health blogs below.
Maya’s Website

Various tips about women and children are published on You’ll discover all kinds of health-related information for ladies here. Their apps are also available on the Google Play Store. You can speak with a doctor immediately and ask any questions you may have.Best Blog Website In Bangladesh
Any physical, emotional, or family difficulties can be handled by asking questions in the app while keeping the name secret.
Maya Site may not be as well-known as other blogs, but the activities of this blog will captivate and help you.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 13349
  • Worldwide: 654833

Maya Blog’s Monthly Unique Visitors: 2117+

Main categories: Childcare, prenatal hygiene, birth control, violence against women, menstruation, law, and justice, adolescent health, psychosocial issues, cybercrime, and other topics are discussed.

Bangla Story Poetry Blog

If you enjoy reading books or poetry, the following blogs are for you. It will assist you in receiving numerous new book releases, book reviews, and other information. is an excellent blog for those who regularly create poetry, stories, and other types of writing. You may read other people’s stories and poems, as well as write your own.
Prizes and tournaments are also available.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 6076
  • Worldwide: 686634

Monthly Visitors (Unique Visitors): 21314

Main categories: Story, Poetry.

Bangla Q&A Blog

What if you can’t seem to find an answer to a challenging question? You can ask the following questions on the answer blogs to obtain the correct answer to any kind of inquiry, and you will get the correct answer from here.
Bangla Kora
Obligatory for you to join to spread knowledge and obtain knowledge. You are free to debate anything, including open discussion, conversation, space science, philosophy, or anything else? It is the most effective way to learn about any subject.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 89
  • Worldwide: 383

Monthly Unique Visitors on Kora Bangla: 164,422

Main categories:

All of the world’s classifications.
Sign up now at to get answers to any query you have, or to help others solve their problems.

Here You can also write a blog in addition to answering queries. This well-known Bangla forum blog By answering the question with awe, I will be able to receive a prize.

Multi Nish Bangla Blog List

There are also several blogs devoted to various micro-niches or multi-categories, such as Noise Bangla.
This is one of the best international blogs I’ve ever seen. Various authors share their knowledge in this section.Best Blog Website In Bangladesh
The name of this blog used to be Tech Trainee, but it has now been changed to
Previously, there was a region system, but it is now defunct. You can mail them the text if you want to publish it.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 1971
  • Worldwide: 253,543

Monthly Unique Visitors Haichai Bangla: 9790+

Blogg Categorie: Online income, tech trends, mobile, PC help, reviews, gadgets, blogging, health, living life, and sports are all topics that I am interested in.

Blogger Bangladesh

It would have been earlier if today’s post had been as popular. In Bangladesh, this is a very popular blogging website. The fact that it was built by is noteworthy. If you’re having trouble with Blogger, move to WordPress and look at this blog: By visiting this site, you can read the comments left by visitors. Then you’ll get a sense of how well-known this blog is.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 1759
  • Worldwide: 220508

Monthly Unique Visitors: 34554+

Blogg Categorie:

Online revenue, search engine optimization, blogging, technological news, and so on.
How and why did Bakrbi meet two acquaintances from the Faculty of Technology, both of whom were exceptional and mysterious, according to his interests? is in charge of the blog. Their success is based on the quality of their content.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 27339
  • Worldwide: 2775181

Monthly Unique Visitors: 7713

Blogg Categorie:

What, why, and how are the questions that need to be answered.
Hit to flop
This is a well-known Bengali website. However, it is handled by Indian authors. There are numerous articles about business, commerce, and other topics.
If you want to check out the blog, you can do so here.

Alexa Rank

  • Bangladesh: 17339
  • Worldwide: 344498

Monthly Unique Visitors: 3602+

Blogg Categorie: Startups, Business Ideas, News, and Business Advice

Online Bengali courses are available on this website.


Everything from website development, search engine optimization, web design, graphic design, and multipurpose Bengali can be learned here.
You can offer courses through Bahubrihi Teacher Account Learning Bangladesh if you are an expert in any subject.
You can enroll at Learning Bangladesh to take the best Bengali courses available online.

Free text

The government of Bangladesh’s website is called Free Text. In order to develop trained labor, almost all types of courses are officially offered for free here.

Last but not least

Aside from this list, there are several good or popular Bangladeshi or Bengali blogs. Here, no one has been made little or large. Which blog is your favorite? Who can say for sure? In our country, there are many talented writers. Follow their blogs; they post new stuff on a regular basis.

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